CommunityWorking Group


Facilitate broad adoption of Green Software standards and best practices through the creation of partnerships, content, events and programs.

Ensure diverse participation of stakeholders in the development and implementation of Green Software.

Elise Zelechowski
Elise ZelechowskiGlobal Head of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, Sustainability, & Social Change
Gadhu Sundaram
Gadhu Sundaram
Rae Lyon
Rae LyonProgram Manager
Aaron Reich
Abhishek Gupta
Adam Jordan
Andressa Cabistani
Ankit Gupta
Asim Hussain
Carla Gaggini
Christina Weng
Daniela Sé
Dean Bosche
Diego Lopes
Frederico Pacheco
Jason Hare
Jenny Morgan
Jeremy Wilken
Jonathan Brook
Jose Lopez Dominguez
Joy - Elizabeth
Juliana Brito
Lee Englestone
Maria Vittoria, Trussoni
Mehak Kharbanda
Mikkel Mork Hegnhoj
Molly Carroll
Navveen Balani
Neeru Verma
Neville Dubash
Radhika Agarwal
Rahul Saxena
Rakesh Siri
Razin Memon
Santiago Fontanarrosa
Sara Bergman
Sarah Hsu
Sherry List
Shivaram H
Siu Mun Chan
Sunny Yang
Taichi Imura
Tammy McClellan
Thomas Ventura
Vitor Viganó
Yassine El Ghali
Yusuke Kobayashi
Yuta Sato
Ziliang Zong


How we work

  • We hold online monthly meetings every second Wednesday of the month @ 1600 (BST) / 1100 (EST).

  • We are structured into a more extensive set of smaller groups focussed on different projects. Each of these projects has its own meetings and method of working.

  • The monthly meeting is a time for the entire Community Working Group members to discuss plans and successes, invite participation, and share blockers.

Proposing a new project

  • To propose a project, we ask that you create a short project document and gather the interest of at least three people from 2 different member organizations.

  • Reach out to the chairs, who will add you to the next working group meeting agenda.

  • If the working group reaches consensus and agrees, your project will be made official and start receiving the support of the Foundation.

  • However, often it requires several conversations with the working group to evolve your project proposal to a version where everyone is comfortable.

  • Once launched, the working group will support you in executing your project and source the resources required from the Foundation and its members.