InnovationWorking Group


  • Direct open-source, open-data and academic research in areas that advance the field of Green Software.
  • Sponsor key open-source and open-data projects to build confidence they will be supported and maintained for the long-term.
Dan Lewis-Toakley
Dan Lewis-ToakleyGreen Cloud Lead & Senior Developer Consultant
Madiha Mirza
Madiha MirzaData Scientist
@ Avanade
Nicholas Pribyl
Nicholas PribylSolution Architect
@ Avanade
Pierre Lagarde
Pierre LagardePrincipal Program Manager
Victor - Aubin
Victor - AubinAI Software Engineer
Abhishek Gupta
Adam Jordan
Andressa Cabistani
Andrew Woosnam
Ankit Gupta
Antonino Fisichella
Arik Smith
Asim Hussain
Benjamin Davy
Bill Johnson
Chiara Giglio
Chris Lloyd-Jones
Christina Weng
Colleen Josephson
Dean Bosche
Debojyoti Dey
Devecor c
Diego Lopes
Elmo Yeldo
Elmo Yeldo
Emily Thomas
Emma Holliday
Fergus Kidd
Fernando  Nascimento
Frederico Pacheco
Fábio De Paula Carvalho
Gabriel Fernandes
Gurpreet Luthra
Henry Richardson
Héctor Tortosa
Jason Hare
Jeremy Wilken
Joan Sanchez Garcia
Jonathan Brook
Jose Lopez Dominguez
Juliana Brito
Justin Barias
Lee Englestone
Lu Wang
Manpreet Kaur
Marcial Hernandez
Marcus Cury
Massimo Poli
Matthew Kotsenas
Mikkel Mork Hegnhoj
Mrinmoy Chakraborty
Navveen Balani
Nikhil Khedkar
Olivier Chiabodo
Rakesh Siri
Razin Memon
Santiago Fontanarrosa
Sara Bergman
Saskia Brink
Saurabh Gupta
Shalini Soni
Sherry List
Som Bhattacharyya
Taichi Imura
Tammy McClellan
Taylor Prewitt
Tom Clement Oketch
Toru Shimogaki
Vaughan Knight
Vinicius Costa
Vitor Barbosa
Vitor Viganó
Yassine El Ghali
Yusuke Kobayashi
Yuta Sato
Zhelong Pan
Ziliang Zong


How we work

We hold weekly meetings on Wednesday @ 1700 (BST) you can see the minutes of every meeting on our repo on GitHub.

Proposing a new project

  • To propose a project, we ask that you create a short project document and gather the interest of at least three people from 2 different member organizations.

  • Reach out to the chairs, who will add you to the next working group meeting agenda.

  • If the working group reaches consensus and agrees, your project will be made official and start receiving the support of the Foundation.

  • However, often it requires several conversations with the working group to evolve your project proposal to a version where everyone is comfortable.

  • Once launched, the working group will support you in executing your project and source the resources required from the Foundation and its members.