GSF Steering Membership Policy

This document is a collaborative effort between the Steering Committee members to converge on steering committee membership.


As a steering committee member, you are responsible for:

  • Working to help the Green Software Foundation meet its mission and vision for the entire software industry.

  • Attending steering committee meetings, from one hour a week to one hour a month.

  • Reviewing the output from the working groups before publication.

  • Taking part in task forces created by the steering committee to investigate issues and advise courses of action.

Minimum Requirements for Entry

At the general and contributor levels, there are no minimum requirements for joining the Foundation. However, at the steering level, we have the minimum requirement for the organisation to have either a public commitment to sustainability or examples of leadership in green software.

Public commitment to sustainability

  • A public page on the organisation's official website.

  • Which contains a commitment to reduce carbon emissions and has a target and a date. E.g., 50% reduction by 2030. Net Zero by 2050.

  • Or the organisation has already achieved a commitment to sustainability and does not need to set targets. For example, they are carbon neutral as verified by a 3rd party or are a B-Corp.

Examples of leadership in Green software

  • Content in the form of papers, articles, podcasts, videos, training, conference talks.

  • Releasing open source or open data projects.


  • Any organisation which meets the minimum requirements can apply for steering membership.

  • All Steering memberships will require final approval by the current steering committee to verify the proposed member meets the minimum entry requirements and their membership adheres to aforementioned minimum requirements.

  • The steering committee will endeavour to have a makeup that represents a diverse geography, including Americas, EMEA, and APAC members.

  • The steering committee will endeavour to have a makeup that represents a diverse sector base.

  • The steering committee will endeavour to have a representative mixture of for-profits and nonprofits, including academic nonprofit organisation, with an ideal blend of ⅓ nonprofits and ⅔ for-profits