StandardsWorking Group


  • Develop a series of baseline specifications for Green Software.
  • Ensure that the specifications can be implemented in an interoperable fashion on the computing platforms in widespread use in both developed and developing regions.
Abhishek Gupta
Abhishek Gupta
@ Montreal AI Ethics Institute, Microsoft, and Green Software Foundation
Gadhu Sundaram
Gadhu Sundaram
Henry Richardson
Henry RichardsonSenior Analyst
Nicholas Pribyl
Nicholas PribylSolution Architect
@ Avanade
Victor - Aubin
Victor - AubinAI Software Engineer
Abhishek Gupta
Adam Jordan
Alyssa Cooper
Ankit Gupta
Asim Hussain
Benjamin Davy
Chris Adams
Chris Lloyd-Jones
Christina Weng
Claudio Balbo
Colleen Josephson
Dan Lewis-Toakley
Daniela Pavanelli
Dean Bosche
Debojyoti Dey
Devecor c
Elmo Yeldo
Elmo Yeldo
Fernando  Nascimento
Frederico Pacheco
Fábio De Paula Carvalho
Gabriel Fernandes
Hiroshi Kazato
Janardan Misra
Jason Hare
Joan Galván
Jonathan Brook
Jose Lopez Dominguez
Lourenço Piuma Soares
Manpreet Kaur
Marcus Cury
Matthew Kotsenas
Mehak Kharbanda
Mikkel Mork Hegnhoj
Mrinmoy Chakraborty
Navveen Balani
Nikhil Khedkar
Oktawia Kata
Pierre Lagarde
Radhika Agarwal
Rahul Saxena
Rakesh Siri
Santiago Fontanarrosa
Sara Bergman
Sarah Hsu
Sayaka Ryugai
Som Bhattacharyya
Stefano Papa
Sunny Yang
Taichi Imura
Tammy McClellan
Taylor Prewitt
Tom Clement Oketch
Toru Shimogaki
Vaughan Knight
Vinicius Costa
Yusuke Kobayashi
Zhelong Pan
Ziliang Zong


How we work

  • We hold weekly meetings on Thursdays @1630 (BST) you can see the minutes of every meeting on our repo on GitHub.

  • To make a proposal for a change in one of our standards, start a thread on the discussions page in the Github repository of the standard.

  • Once the thread has gained some momentum with comments, ideas, and inputs from the rest of the group, convert it to an issue through the option on the right-hand side menu.

  • Once the issue has sufficient material and agreement from the group on it, create a pull request linking that issue.

  • Pull requests are reviews by the group and if there is consensus merged during our weekly calls.